Getting Started


Supposedly, you are working on Ubuntu (newer than 12.04) or CentOS (newer than 7)!
Please execute the following command to update.
For Ubuntu system:

$ sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade -y; sudo apt-get install -y wget git

For CentOS system:

$ sudo yum update -y; sudo yum install -y wget git

Download And Build

Firstly, to download estuary sources with the following command.

$ git clone

Secondly, you can build the whole project with the default config file as following command:

$ cd estuary
$ sudo ./ --build_dir=./workspace

 To try more different build on estuary, please get help information about as follow:

$ ./ -h

More detail user guide about this project, please refer to Estuary User Manual.

If you just want to quickly try it with binaries, please refer to our binary Download Page to get the latest binaries and documentations for each corresponding boards.

Accessing from China:

Accessing from outside-China: