What is Estuary?

Estuary is an effort to build a complete solution ecosystem for ARM platforms. It tries to provide a complete solution including hardware and software. Here you will be finding our open hardware platforms based ARM architecture as our bootstrap hardware for Estuary. The software stack typically will contain bootloader, kernel, tools and applications. So, its a kind of integrated solution mainly on high end ARM systems, but not limited to.

Estuary would like to encourage the collaborative development of software on ARM hardware, especially on our hardware platforms. So, if you think, you can partner with us in cutting edge development on latest ARM core based on aarch64, please contact us. If you are lucky to have our hardware already, please feel free to download our releases and start your development and testing. Please feel free to share your feedback, issues and suggestions for our solution (hardware and software).

If you have any testing report or a specific application test on our hardware and you think, its worth to share, please share with us. We can publish on our site and it can help other users.

Thank you for your time!

Enjoy Estuary!